Ultimate Guide to a Magical Master Suite

Starting and ending your day in a  place that makes you happy is a luxury everyone can afford. Here is a guide to beautifying your bedroom. #2018 goals.


Be merciless in eliminating things that do not bring you joy.  Clear out the clutter and unnecessary possessions that take up space and are not adding positively to your space.  Imagine the simplicity and calm a hotel room feels, the reasons is that it’s elements have room to breathe.  Editing your room is the first step to creating a breath of calm in your room. Start here.

Dream big.

Find images of bedrooms that inspire you, link to our Pinterest page.  Make a board on Pinterest. Think about how you want the room to make you feel. Calm and relaxed? Energized and excited to start the day? Look at color, lighting, and focal points of the images you are attracted to, this will give you clarity of direction.

New year, new look

Decide what changes you want to make and commit to starting.  Give yourself a deadline if that motivates you, if you are like me nothing gets done without a deadline.

Splurge on yourself.

Whether you are spending time or money,  decide a budget that is realistic. The whole point is to make your dreams happen.

Two heads are better than one.

This is where getting some professional advice can greatly improve your end results!

From luxury selections to DIY opportunities getting a designer involved early is a Big Bang for your Buck!  Link to our website.  http://dphomedesign.com/   Often times in my projects I combine existing pieces and trade resources to elevate the design and create rooms that feel collected and layered.

Ready. Set. Go.

Here are a few of my favorite elements to incorporate in a master bedroom.

Upholstered bed

Luxury Bedding

Area Rugs