Chalk Paint

What is Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan first developed her now famous decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, over 20 years ago. When she started developing it, she wanted to create a decorative paint that was immediate and allowed her to be spontaneous.

She had 3 young boys under the age of 7 at the time, so she had little to no time to decorate. She wanted a fast turnaround; paint in the morning, wax and ready for placement by the afternoon.

Chalk Paint Workshops

We at Design Partner’s share Annie’s love of color, texture and instant gratification. Our class selections are below. Choose the one that is right for you!

This beginner workshop will equip you with all the necessary skills to develop your own personal style and give you the confidence to start your own projects. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners and for the more advanced who would like a refresher.

We cover all the basics of Annie’s signature finishes, color mixing, waxing, and lacquer. Whether you are looking to create smooth modern finishes in the perfect color or more textured and complex decorative finishes this class has it all.


Chalk Paint 101 Class

This intermediate workshop focuses on the complementary Annie Sloan products ⎯ Craqueleur, Decoupage Glue and Varnish, and Gold Size ⎯ as well as colorful stenciling over a textured paint surface. This workshop should take three hours and includes techniques for simple gilding, decoupage with a Craqueleur finish, and stenciling.


Chalk Paint 102 Class

These finishes are at the very heart of the Annie Sloan Method ⎯ painting liberally and painting smoothly ⎯ and they are easy to paint and quick to finish with Chalk Paint® Wax. Isn’t that what Chalk Paint® is all about!


Chalk Paint - Fall In Love With Chalk Paint Class

Beautiful looks can be quickly and easily achieved without any fuss by applying a wash of one or more colors of Chalk Paint® to accent the beautiful grain of a wood or to create various tonal effects.


Chalk Paint Color Washes and Stains

These finishes take advantage of what’s underneath ⎯ typically a natural wood or painted finish ⎯ and the paint is sometimes applied as just a single layer. They are easy and quick to achieve and look best when the design and shape are strong or there are interesting carvings or details.


Chalk Paint Distressed Finish Class

The great thing about Chalk Paint® is that it can hide so much and imperfections can be made into virtues with a few simple techniques. Use these finishes when you want to hide those imperfections or to give an otherwise plain surface some texture and interest.


Chalk Paint Textured Finishes

Kitchen cabinets that are simply painted in a beautiful color are in big demand these days. Changing a kitchen to suit one’s style can be time consuming and incredibly expensive. However, you can show your customers there is a less disruptive, more affordable way to bring a fresh new look to their kitchen ⎯ by refreshing it with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan!


Chalk Paint - Kitchen Cabinets Class